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Human Rights

Dr. Khouloud Al Khatib is a researcher, associate professor, and lawyer. She is a PhD holder in International Law with emphasis on human rights.She holds two master degrees in Private Law and Public Law, with a BA in Law. In addition, she holds a diploma degree in Diplomatic Relations from Cairo Center for Training and Arbitration and the Arab League of Nations. Dr. Khouloud fulfilled a research study in Comparative religion studies with ADYAN Foundation. She is a lawyer registered in the Association of Bar, Beirut, and a member in the Commission of Basic Freedoms and Human rights at the Association2014-2015. Dr. Khatib is a university associate professor at the Lebanese University and the Lebanese International University; she is in charge of human rights education at the university, and teaches courses related to public international law and international humanitarian laws.

Khouloud AlKhatib is the executive director for the human rights center at the Lebanese International University, and president and co-founder for LOUDER (The Lebanese Organization for Unity and Defending Equal Rights) that focuses on protecting and defending human rights to promote the Rule of Law. She is also a member in LSAC. She is a human rights defender, specialized consultant for human rights education, a trainer, and developer for training curriculum on human rights (promotion, defense and mechanisms). In addition she is a trainer countering extremism.

Advocacy, Democracy, Governance

Ayman Dandash holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems. He currently holds the position of Programs and Grassroots Manager. He is responsible for overseeing LTA operations both internally and on the ground work. Through his experiences, he has become reliable member on the field, and is highly skilled at coordinating with different stakeholders while implementing projects. Additionally, Ayman regularly provides trainings covering the topics of Good Governance, Social Accountability, and Active Citizenship.

Psychosocial Support, Trauma Healing.

A Syrian social activist for non-violent communication and human rights.

Throughout her 12 years career in community development, peace building, civil society empowerment, and woman and youth empowerment in Syria, and later on, in Lebanon, Rana acted as a consultant for young entrepreneurs, designed and managed several projects and programmes addressing the Syrian conflict, tailored and conducted trainings for civil society empowerment and social cohesion, helping bridge the gap between the Syrians and increase their ability to lead change and deal with the arising trauma and humanitarian crisis.

She is trainer and facilitator of various thematic on peace building, conflict resolution, psychosocial support, facilitation, negotiation and mediation, project planning and social entrepreneurship, and others.

Master trainer for two global programmes developed by the British Council: “Active Citizens” and “Leadership in Community Development”.

Delivered trainings in both languages, Arabic and English.

Also delivered trainings in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.

Rana holds a Bachelor in Business Administration, an executive Masters degree in Psychosocial Support and Dialogue from the Lebanese University in 2015, and a Diploma in Social Training and Interactive Methods, from the Academic University for Nonviolence and Human rights in the Arab World  “AUNOHR University” in Beirut, Lebanon.

She completed several academic programmes for peace builders around the world; including the Center for Justice and Peace summer programme in the Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia, United States, where she attended courses on Conflict Analysis, Narrative Discourse, Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience, and other similar programmes in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

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Conflict Transformation and Non-Violence

Michaela is a certified international Trainer (Institute for Leadership and Management, United Kingdom) and Business & Life Coach (Neuroleadership Group, Dubai). She holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution from the University of Bradford, UK, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Jurisprudence. For over seven years, Michaela has worked as a trainer, programme manager and consultant in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation in the Middle East and North Africa. Michaela provides training and consultation on:

  • Conflict Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution/Transformation
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Communication Skills
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Project and programme development with a special focus on, but not limited to, peacebuilding, conflict resolution and conflict transformation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm for developmental, humanitarian and peacebuilding organisations and programmes
  • Proposal Writing
  • Community Mobilising
  • Training of Trainers
  • Team Building
  • Theatre of the Oppressed
Hassan Hmedoush
Active Citizens, Non-violence and conflict transformation

Name: Hassan Hmedoush

Hassan holds a Bachelor in Civil Engineer.

Field of Training:
Hassan is a certified trainer by British Council and has a good experience in training and facilitating on different topics such as: Peace building, conflict transformation, mediation, negotiation, facilitation, active citizenship, non-violent communication, and initiative design.

Since 2010 Hassan started his activism and training experience with different Syrian NGOs and youth groups. Then starting 2014 he started delivering and leading trainings in Lebanon with Syrian and Lebanese youth and activists.

Hassan has worked in Syria and in Lebanon with Syrian, Lebanese and mixed groups of participants and gained a deep understanding of the context of both countries. He has excellent expertise in dealing with conflict in complex environments and has founded several successful initiatives and campaigns.

Active Citizens, Non-violence and conflict transformation
  • Founder and director of Steps company for change, trainer, facilitator and consultant for change.
  • A certified consultant by INTRAC, Consultants for Change program.
  • Master facilitator for the “Empowerment” training in Lebanon, which aims at increasing urgency for change among disfranchised women.
  • Acting as a Master regional facilitator with the British Council on two global programs, “Active Citizens” and “Leadership in Community Development”.
  • A professional trainer, facilitator with 10 years’ experience in working on developing trainers, facilitators, conflict transformation, conflict sensibility, leadership, peace building, non-violence, proposal writing, project management and organizational development.
  • A social activist from Lebanon, holding the Lebanese and Syrian social identities, believe and advocate for human rights in all aspects of life.
  • Studied audiovisual journalism in the Lebanese University and have a Masters in NGOs Management from La Sagesse University Lebanon.
Randa Yassir

Ms. Randa Yassir, a media, communication and advocacy senior expert and trainer, who worked since 1997 as an editor, anchor, journalist and consultant for local and international bodies. She volunteered since 1999 to raise awareness, using different media tools, for women and men on gender equality, women’s rights and active citizenship. She believed in her role in media to promote social causes, citizenship and civic engagement, especially for women and youth. She. Joined the team of the United Nations Information Center (UNIC), after which she dedicated all her time for directing a Civil Society Organization (CSO) that she established back in 2007, SMART Center for Media and Advocacy (, which managed grants during the past four years at least half a million US dollar grants. She still enjoys providing training sessions and workshops for professionals and beneficiaries in the fields of organizational and individual capacity building on different topics such as: gender equality, citizenship, civic engagement, advocacy, citizen journalism, media, communication, art of debate, public speaking, negotiations, conflict resolutions, training of trainers(ToT), proposal writing, budgeting and projects management.

Ms. Yassir is a sociopolitical activist acting as an active member in different civil society movements demanding democracy in Lebanon, she is also leading the campaigns of SMART Center especially the one that advocates a new election law for Lebanon created by SMART. She is also working as a senior trainer on gender equity for media and political participation of women with political parties and CSOs.
As a believer of the role of women in politics and decision making process, she ran for 2013 parliamentary elections and kept on supporting many women candidates and leaders through different projects implemented by SMART Center in Lebanon and MENA region, which developed the capacities of potential candidates for municipal and parliamentarian elections. She also supports and participates in different strategy and action plans for national advocacy campaigns aiming for legal reforms and democratic elections in Lebanon and Arab world.

Mrs. Yassir has a BA in Journalism and her recent diplomas in the fields of organizational structure, social media, communication, public speaking, art of debate, citizenship, civic engagement, elections, proposal writing, projects management, innovative projects development and training of trainers, were mainly achieved from: USA , France, and the Netherlands.
She co-founded and has been board member and executive manager for different Lebanese NGOs. She represented her country and participated in many local, regional and international conventions, training and conferences.

Naji Saiid
Education, Conflict Transformation

Name: Naji Saiid

Naji holds a Bachelor in art and philosophy and is currently studying Masters in Philosophy of Human Rights and Non-violence and Educational Methodology at the Academic University for Nonviolence and Human rights in the Arab World (AUNOHR) in Beirut, Lebanon.

Fields of Training:
Naji is an expert trainer on different topics such as: Peace building, conflict transformation, non-violent communication, non-violence education, informal education, mediation, advocacy and negotiation.

He has intensive experience in training of trainers and developing facilitators capacities.


Naji is the co-partner in Steps, he has more than 15 years of experience in working with civil society leading organization and providing consultation in different fields. He is a board member on different national NGOs in Lebanon and has launched successful campaigns in the country.

He has expertise in interactive educational approaches and capacity building, he supported the empowerment of many teams in different NGOs.

He developed several curricula’s and toolkits in the field of conflict transformation such as: Eye Not for an Eye and Youth for Peace.

Ali Mourad2
Political Participation and Electoral Reforms
Elissa Shamma Photo

Elissa holds a Bachelor in Graphic Design and is currently studying Masters in Philosophy of Human Rights and Non-violence at the Academic University for Nonviolence and Human rights in the Arab World (AUNOHR) in Beirut, Lebanon.

Field of Training:
Elissa is a trainer and facilitator on various themes on:
Peace building, conflict resolution, non-violent communication, project planning, writing effective success stories and CV writing.

Recently in 2016, Elissa joined the Women Empowerment family as a trainer in the IMAGINE program which is designed to empower women, especially in marginalized and conflicted areas, in challenging life circumstances to envision and create new possibilities for their life, family and community.

Elissa is also a national trainer on Active Citizens programme with the British Council since 2013 and a certified Social Media trainer with Social Media Exchange (SMEX) since 2011.

Throughout her experience in community development, peace building, civil society empowerment, and woman and youth empowerment in Lebanon, Elissa designed and managed several projects addressing the Syrian conflict, contributing to building bridges between Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese youth, especially through arts. Her interest does not stop at working in relation to supporting individuals develop their skills and build resilience, but it also comes from a perspective of feeling and being directly concerned with human rights violations locally and globally and working towards attaining social justice and freedom.

Hassan Salha
Conflict Transformation and Non-Violence

Name: Hassan Salha

Hassan holds a Bachelor in Journalism and is currently studying Masters in Philosophy of Human Rights and Non-violence at the Academic University for Nonviolence and Human rights in the Arab World (AUNOHR) in Beirut, Lebanon.

Hassan studied intensive courses on conflict transformation, communication, dealing with the past and restorative justice at Summer Peace Institute at Mennonite Eastern University.

Fields of Training:
Hassan is a trainer and facilitator on different topics such as: Peace building, conflict transformation, non-violent communication, Do No Harm approach and active citizenship.

Hassan has good experience in working with youth, teachers and activists. He worked throughout the last 5 years with Syrian and Lebanese groups both from Syria and in Lebanon to create peaceful change in two conflicting environments.
Hassan Has worked with Ministry of Education and Higher Education on empowering the teachers on dealing with the past program and Memory of the war, he worked on peace building program with several Syrian activists and on do no harm approach with different NGOs.